Saturday, May 31, 2008

Madame K and the Moustache

Madame K was a large woman. This she could not help. Other awful aspects of herself, however, she could.

People whispered about Madame K. They called her all sorts of unkind things. People never lose an opportunity, Madame K often mused, to sully my fine character. For this she was bitter.

One day a man approaches Madame K. He has a moustache. What do you want? she asks. Nothing he responds. They continue staring at one another.

With one hand Madame K reaches out and plucks a single hair from his moustache. How dare you! he mumbles. She smiles boldly back at him.

The man walks away cursing Madame K. Exactly as I suspected he thinks to himself. She is just exactly what I had suspected she would be.

He never approached Madame K again.

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