Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Nonetheless, nonetheless, muttered the official under his breath. Nonetheless. His head was shaking back and forth in small sharp sudden bursts. Nonetheless.

A few moments prior another official – taller, rounder, of slightly redder complexion, etc. – had whispered something into our official’s ear. This not-yet-muttering official’s eyes bulged noticeably as the other, taller official’s lips hotly caressed his ear. What? he might have thought, or Damnit no! Any number of things, really, might have raced through our official’s mind as the other, rounder official whispered we know not what into his ear, but the result of whatever was whispered is, as you know, known – it provoked our official to go about, head shaking in sudden, violent bursts, muttering Nonetheless, nonetheless, nonetheless.

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