Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Not Properly Lauded Performance

She shuffled first this way, then that. Her hair wiggled about like an eel whose tail, caught in a pair of undersea pincers, struggles in vain to reel about. She then stops abruptly and bows: a grimacing, sharp bow. For a moment all is hushed, then, generously, a single bleating clap is produced.

(Anyone at all inclined to note the workings of man in the presence of other men will no doubt have noticed that a single clap will often serve as the catalyst for many other claps, that, oftentimes, a single clap will precipitate a roomful of claps, &c &c, but it must be noted here, for accuracy’s sake, that this single clap, as if in a vacuum, spawned no further claps.)

So that, then, was the way this performance concluded.

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