Saturday, August 2, 2008

Taking a Bit of Hominy for Breakfast

She breakfasted on chunks of hominy. Throughout the day her tongue was darting across her teeth, certain that there were bits of her breakfast left to exhume from the gaps in her teeth.

For dinner she had radishes. Twelve radishes. A man ate with her and admired the way she ate without seeming to chew at all.

Do you just swallow them?

I’ve already got so much hominy in my teeth there’s hardly room for anything else.

Like a true gentleman, he nodded as if he understood what she was talking about.

Before going to bed she went to wash her mouth out. Pressing her face close to the mirror, she scrutinized all her teeth’s gaps. Resigned to the fact that she had disinterred as many bits of hominy as she was capable of, she went back to bed and joined the man she had eaten dinner with. He leaned over to her and began kissing her on the mouth. She thought, Oh yes, perhaps he can help, and thus let him continue kissing her on the mouth.

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