Friday, December 19, 2008

Allegory Overheard While Rehearsing For The Production Of A Play In Which I Was To Have A Minor But Nonetheless Significant Role

A man walked down a road. He was tired, but he kept walking. Then he heard a chirp. He paused to think about the chirp, but then continued walking. Finally he got to where he had been walking to, so he sat down. While seated, the man had all sorts of thoughts. Sometimes these thoughts would lead him back to the chirp he had heard only just recently. The man wondered what sort of creature had made the chirp. Finally, he decided to look for whatever it was. He began walking down the same road from which he had just come. He walked and walked and walked, listening all the while for a chirp. Then, suddenly, he heard a chirp. Was it the same chirp? he asked himself. Was that the same chirp I heard earlier? He couldn’t decide. Being uncertain, he stopped walking. He didn’t dare continue, knowing that this might be the same chirp he had heard earlier. At the same time, he couldn’t help thinking that, perhaps, it wasn’t the same chirp. The man is still standing there to this day.

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