Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finally Understanding What Everyone Else Has Always Understood

A nasty bug had been going around the office. People were miserable and suffering. Everyone had a sniffle or cough or weepy eye. Everyone, that is, except Chandra. Chandra never got sick. She was always, as she put it, fine. People resented Chandra for this reason, and despite her naturally ingratiating personality, she had very few friends in the office.

Chandra’s husband was the same way: he never got sick. Or at least he hadn’t ever gotten sick until now. This nasty bug, the one that had been going around Chandra’s office, had also been going around Chandra’s husband’s office, and he had caught it. When he came home sniffling and coughing and weepy eyed, Chandra’s face dropped. “What’s wrong?” she asked. Chandra’s husband looked up at her and in an instant realized why everyone disliked his wife. “Nothing,” he said, and walked sullenly back to their bedroom to be alone.

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