Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A bit about Lump before having to stop

Lump has many friends, all of whom he tries desperately to avoid. They too do everything in their power to avoid him. Occasionally, though, they will encounter one another. When this happens Lump always pretends to sneeze and the friend always pretends that she isn’t the type of person that says bless you when someone else sneezes. Thus they never say a thing to one another.

Once, Lump lost a shoe. This didn’t bother him much, and he went out and bought a new one. If Lump were offered a grapefruit, he would refuse it.

Lump very much enjoys shaking. He is not often in the presence of others, however, so he doesn’t get many opportunities to shake. Sometimes, though, just thinking about others will make him shake. He enjoys these moments.

When Lump was four years old, something significant happened to him. Since then, not much has happened to him.

Lump is tired of us talking about him. So we will stop.

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