Friday, January 23, 2009

Stars and Letters

Having only just lost her writing hand, Carole Lombard sat about thinking about how she might in the future compose her letters. Unable to think of anything on her own, she calls in her old pal William Powell. Her old pal Powell, however, proves incapable of coming up with an idea either. The two film stars sit about sullenly, not knowing quite what to do. Then a tall man enters the room. His name is Vincent Price. He walks to the fireplace and takes down the hunting rifle that is propped up above it. Pointing it at William Powell, both men begin to laugh. Then, in an act of utter caprice, Price shoots Powell through the head. This, naturally, kills the man. Carole is a bit stunned, but only a bit. She says, “That wasn’t very kind of you, you big brute,” and then laughs. Price laughs too. “Don’t know what came over me, Lumby,” he says. Then he takes the gun up again and points it at Carole. “Lumby,” he begins, “I know what it’s like to lose a hand.” Carole looks lazily at Price. “I know.” Then, in another act of utter caprice, Price shoots Lombard through the head. He then sets the gun down and walks over to the coffee table. He begins composing a letter. His letter reads: no more letters - vp. He exits the room, and so too do we.

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