Friday, May 22, 2009

9 Things You Should Know


Phalanx, a man of no real importance, arises. He looks about the room he is in. There is a woman sleeping on the bed next to him. What is your name? he asks. Lull, she replies.


Lull comes from a family of eight children. When her oldest brother married, he asked his sister Lull to move in with him and his wife. She complied, but did so with some reservations.


One evening Phalanx decided to get drunk. He went to a bar called Mudd’s. He got drunk.


Lull’s reservations proved groundless. Living with her brother was as miserable as she could have hoped.


Phalanx met Lull in another bar, this one without a name. They talked for several minutes, then agreed that they ought to go home with one another. Lull couldn’t take this man to her brother’s, so they agreed to go to Phalanx’s.


At one point Lull asked Phalanx what his name was. Embarrased, Phalanx refused to answer. Lull didn’t press the issue.


Lull’s brother’s wife is named Agent. Agent has been having an affair with a man named Treasury. Treasury is Phalanx’s neighbor. They have never met.


When Lull was four one of her sisters died. She was fine with this.


Lull leaves Phalanx’s shortly after being asked her name. She walks home. It is not a far walk but she is tired.

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