Thursday, October 16, 2008

Betty Kerchif

Elizabeth Kerchif is not allowed to yawn or blush. She is allowed to do certain other things. They would not be of any interest to the common reader, though, so I will not bother to list any of them for you.

Miss Kerchif lives in a smallish room in a largish house. She knows the others she lives with, but not, as she often remarks, intimately. Instead, her relationship with the others in the house is a subservient one. They tell her what to do, and she does it. This arrangement is suitable to both Elizabeth and the others.

One evening Elizabeth Kerchif will hiccup in front of several of the others. At first they will not know how to react, for none of them have ever heard Elizabeth Kerchif hiccup before. After some time passes, however, someone will inform Miss Kerchif that she is no longer allowed to hiccup. She will nod her head in understanding, and never hiccup again.

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