Monday, October 6, 2008

Hair and Sand

Her curled hair pulled mightily towards the floor. Sand pieces, little cubes and shoots of sand, hummed coyly up to it. They snickered and spat and were, as the hair would later remark, horrible. We, however, will simply call it indecorous sand.

I being the type of person who knows many other types of people once knew the type of person who, when asked, would say that the whole world boiled down to two simple sorts of things: sand and hair. When she would tell me this I would nod, but I cannot say that I ever fully believed her.

Then one day I was in my bathroom and I noticed something on the floor. Kneeling down I looked at this something but couldn’t determine what it was. I took the thing to a scientist friend of mine – a short man with square teeth and too many wise things to say – and asked him what on earth I had found on my bathroom floor. He placed it under some sort of device and peered at it for a good deal of time. When he finally turned away from the device he looked at me and winked. I slapped him, not being the sort of man that lets other men wink at him. He took this rebuke well, and then told me what he had discovered: It is sand and hair, just as plain as day…sand and hair. I was certain at first that he was joking, then remembered that this was not the sort of man to make a joke. I nodded at him and left, contemplating as I did so the strange implications of what this man had told me. As with most things I contemplate, my contemplation of this was brief and cursory, and I really have not thought about it again until now. I just thought I would mention it to you here so that you, perhaps, could contemplate it at greater length and in more depth. Or not. It is not, after all, a very interesting thing to think over for very long.

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