Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A large medical factory where I once stayed and am in fact staying again

On a bed in a large medical factory I lie awake. A man approaches me and suggests I not touch the sheets. I ask him why. Well, they’re covered in things, he says. I ask him what sorts of things, and he tells me. I throw the sheets off.

I have been here for some time. I of course do not know how long. Another man approaches me. He is surrounded by people, but so long as he is there they will not say anything to me. As soon as he leaves I know they will begin to taunt me. It is one of the things you become accustomed to here. Their taunts. The man tells me that there is a problem. He cannot seem to find my file. My file? I ask, not realizing that, of course, I have a file. Yes, he says. Your file. He does not tell me what a man without a file is to do, so I leave.

Once outside I feel strangely excited. A man without a file ought to be able to do all sorts of things. I, however, can think of nothing to do, so return to the large medical factory. I note that the sheets on my bed have been replaced, and am careful to remove them before I lie down again.

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