Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Brief Survey

There are the three people in the house. Then of course there is the woman down the road. Across the street a man has two children and no wife. In the courtyard are the cousins. Five strangers inhabit the attic. A horse lives in the stable, along with a stable boy. Two people haven’t yet arrived.

For food they eat pretty much the same things as everybody else. They sleep at least half the day, and aren’t particularly active the other half. Nine of these people like speaking, the others remain silent.

The house is a dull shade of yellow. When it was originally painted it was green. There is no grass anywhere, so I guess that’s why. Inside there are rooms and closets and a few chairs; there are blankets on the floors of a few of the rooms, and that’s where I assume some of them sleep.

There is little else to record here, and thus it's time I retire to a blanket of my own.

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