Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Pleasant Sort of Conversation

Consumed a bowl of pecans, she said.

Is this common?

Not altogether, though I do love pecans.

Any other kinds of nuts?

All kinds.

They have sat talking like this for hours. The girl thinks of sparrows for a moment, then cotton, then again of the conversation she’s having.

I cannot say.

Perhaps then?

Yes perhaps.

But surely you must have heard what was said at the time?

Now scallops. She loved scallops. Thick wet scallops seared or stewed or otherwise. Turquoise scallops and maroon scallops and many multi hued and bellied scallops – a song lilting through her thoughts: winsome, charming. Scallops and scallops and marooned scallops too.

I don’t think I understand.

Well I haven’t asked that you do, or even that you try to.

A pause.

I’m well aware that your coming here was not entirely your choice, but that doesn’t mean…

Doesn’t mean?

…that there’s any need for hostility.

Hostility. Hostility? With a sauce perhaps, a clam clawed clam sauce, juleps, dollops, crowned corn teeth like a kebob of the tongue sipping not once twice but again aghast and aloft two round dolloped drops float through a crimson cord and weep.

…and to at least respond can’t possibly be asking too much of you.

She looks at the woman and slowly, liltingly, winsomely, a rich laugh is released. Oh no certainly, not too much at all.

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