Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Plop, II

Plop congratulated himself. He did not know why. He thought Well done Plop, well done. But why he would have thought such a thing is difficult to know. It didn’t even appear that he had really done anything. In any case, he was congratulating himself.

As if to break this spell an old friend of his, a woman, calls him up on the phone. Hello Plop? Plop?


Yes, he finally says into the receiver.

What were you doing?


Yes, he says.

Well I wanted to tell you that I might be coming by later.

Plop? Plop?

Yes, he says.

Would that be ok with you?



Ok. Well then I’ll be by later, Plop.

He hangs up the receiver and walks over to the mirror on the wall. He has a sour face on. He looks tired. Damn you, he says to himself, damn you. He is now, with good reason, cursing himself.

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