Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spending Some Time Together

She had hurt him again. It is not clear how. Presumably with her teeth, though one witness suggested it was merely something she had said. We do not find this entirely unlikely.

In the woman’s defense (as if any were necessary) the man certainly deserves all the abuse she heaps upon him. He is ugly, for one, in addition to being ineloquent, and to make matters worse, he seems determined to exacerbate both flaws by hardly ever grooming and by declaring himself the finest poet of his generation. The woman, then, really has little recourse but to savagely abuse him.

Now though, after such a very long period of abuse, it seems the woman need not even physically abuse the man for him to develop wounds. She has made him into, through her entirely justified contempt of his character, a sniveling frightened thing, impotent to revolt and powerless to defend, enervated, enfeebled, dumb.

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