Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Prince Petons, II

A prince robed in a robe swings nobly down the stairs. He points at things and laughs, wears his hair down, and displays other noble characteristics.

Today he asks for his jester to be brought before him. Bring my jester before me he declares.

The man in motley is brought forth and stands looking puzzled. Why is it you’ve brought me here Prince?

Oh no reason replies the prince.

After a time of inactivity the jester is led out of the room.

Bring me my map the prince declares. He is brought his map.

Oh blast this thing he says, throwing the map to the floor. Blast it!

The map is taken away and blasted.

The prince grows weary of having things brought to him. Let’s go out and explore! he says. Upon standing up, however, the prince is overtaken with fatigue, and decides that a nap would be more welcome to him than an exploration. He goes and takes a nap.

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