Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh what fun you and i have together

Her face forms for a moment above my resting head a bubble. Through the reflection of its smooth glimmering sides I detect things like teeth and hair and flesh. My arms can’t move so I imagine pricking her face and watching as it slowly bursts before me, splaying teeth and hair and flesh shards about my room.

There over there on the wall are images of us. We cannot tell one from the other. We press against the images with our bodies trying hard to make out who is who but in the end cannot. Her head now is not a bubble at all but instead a thick knot and the whole thing grimacing at me. I pet it or try with my fingers that can’t move to undo the thing and it snarls as I work at it.

Only then or as if only then a gull emerges through a wall and shouts at us both to sit still to please just sit still. We glare at it though our eyes can’t move and it’s wearing black boots and a doctor’s long white cloak. He tells us that were he us and were we him that he would most certainly not be touching the sheets we hadn’t known til then that we had been touching. Soiled, soiled through and through, it says to us. We grab each other with arms that don’t work and soon find ourselves alone again without the doctor to advise us.

Crawl, crawl to me, she whispers through a checkered sheet, her mouth black and white and boxed just like the sheet. Crawl over and on top of me she says. I cannot see her mouth anymore but just boxes, black and white, piled and stacked upon one another. I reach out with arms and hands that can’t move but instead stick to the sheets that have become my arms. And then, just as I am certain there won’t ever be a movement made again, I cough and see you lying next to me, laughing.

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