Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Cup's Contents

Inside of a rather ornate goblet sits a smallish yellow pickle. Sir Clumb Hoof had left it there. This little morsel was later discovered by one Lady Chit Heel. Upon her discovery she let out a small gasp, then fell to the floor. This rather large morsel was discovered by Pal Loot (untitled, sadly). It was met with indifference. Later, Lady Chit Heel’s fallen frame was found by Father Pall. Father Pall was a popular man. He owned a dozen game hens and called each by the same name – Neh. Women adored Father Pall, and the Father adored his female faithful. Lady Chit Heel, not being among this sacred sect, was again met with indifference. What interested Father Pall, though, was the goblet on the table. He went over to it and peeked inside. Noticing the smallish yellow pickle sitting inside, he stuck in two of his ringed fingers and plucked it out. He held it up close to his face and examined it. Being hungry, he then ate it. He left the room with as little ceremony as he had entered it, and Lady Chit Heel was once again left alone.

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