Monday, November 10, 2008

Dialogue between a man and a woman.

M: In the corner?

W: Yes. Right over there. (She points over there.)

M: No, no. I don’t think so.

W: Right there. (Her finger reiterates the point with a faint wobble.)

M: (The man shuts his eyes and shakes his head. There is a long pause.) I haven’t coughed yet.

W: You haven’t?! You haven’t!

M: No. I haven’t.

W: (She is no longer pointing.) Well.

M: Well.

W: (Raising her hand to her mouth.) Just air. (She breathes out.) Just air.

M: (Nodding at something in the distance.) But for that.

W: (Laughs.) Look how silly.

M: Can’t even smell.

W: Oh heavens no.

M: (Another long pause.) Then later?

W: Yes. Naturally. (She walks towards the man and grabs his hand. He smiles. They part.)

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