Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not wanting to say a thing about something.

Each of his paintings was hung. That is how paintings are meant to be. They are meant to be hung. And his were no different. The only difference with his being this: he painted them in blackness. He used colors though. Or so he thought. He didn’t know, of course. Until he hung them. Then he could tell. He hung his paintings in the light. In lightness. People can see them in the light and in lightness. People can come if they want and see them for themselves. People can do this and do. That is something that people do. They see things that other people have made. When they see these things, these paintings, they say things to them and about them. They say to them oh my. They say about them oh my and then something more. They add things when they are saying something about them. Not when they say things to them, though. When you say something to a painting you don’t say much. Usually just oh my. Or if it is a painting that isn’t the type of painting you like then you don’t say anything at all to it. You glance at it and maybe note something or maybe not and then you glide along. People are always gliding when they look at paintings. They look at paintings and they somehow just manage to glide along. Then something else will come along. Usually a someone else. And they will be forced to talk about paintings. Or something else. Usually something else at first and then about paintings. In the course of talking about a painting one of the people will usually think of some reason to no longer have to talk about anything. They will part. Then they won’t be saying anything to anyone but will instead be gliding again. They prefer this. Though people are always saying things, really they prefer not to. They prefer instead to glide or be in darkness or in lightness. They prefer instead of saying things about things to instead simply say things to things. They prefer simply to say oh my. They prefer simply saying oh my to a painting and then gliding along. People do not want to say about things anything, but they do. Despite themselves they do. They say things about things without wanting to. And that is why he paints in blackness. Because then for a moment there is nothing to say about anything.

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