Friday, November 21, 2008

Dull's Release

I haven’t the stomach for any right now, thank you.

Should I save some for later?

I don’t care.

One of the men walks from the room, while the other remains seated, staring stolidly before him. He is hungry, but he knows he can't eat. In place of food, he tries to nourish himself with thought. The problem with this is that he really doesn't have much to think about. He tries for a while to recall something he’d read a few days before, but fails to remember so much as the title. He gropes blindly about in his mind for something, but never grasps a thing. Finally, the other man returns.

Have you heard?

Heard what?

Dull has been released again.

A short pause.

I’d forgotten that he’d been captured.

What a way of putting it!

Well it’s true.

I suppose. In any case, he’s been released again.

Will he be coming over then?

I expect so.

A long pause. Both men look uncomfortably down at their hands.


I don’t have any idea.

Both men are now seated. Neither looks at the other. They both seem focused on something else, but really they are just trying to think of something to say. Finally:

Did you remember to shave?

Of course not.

Yes. I suspected as much.

One of the men stands up. He glances furtively at the other, then turns for the door.

Is there any soup?

The other man laughs at this.

A long pause.

Well. Another short pause. I hope it isn’t soon.

I expect it’ll be sooner than later.

Another long pause.

Me too. He says this with a sort of sigh. Then, abruptly, he walks out of the room.

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