Monday, November 24, 2008

Rooms and an Attic

Tucked away behind a large crate and a big brass trophy sat little Lara Smit. She had been crying, as usual, and her face was still faintly gleaming. A humming noise could be heard coming up through the floorboards, but Lara strained not to hear it.

Lara had been coming up to the attic for as long as she could remember. It was a private place, and Lara felt she needed privacy. Like all people that feel this way, Lara was prone to excessive crying. It is said that the best thing one can do for a person with such a disposition is to ignore them, and thus we will presently turn our attention away from the attic.

Below the attic there are several rooms. Some of these rooms have beds, others sinks, and still others chairs. In one of the rooms with chairs a man is sitting by himself. Though he does not particularly care for privacy or solitude, he, like Lara, is alone. He doesn’t have a hair on his head, and this detail makes his solitude all the more comic.

A lady stands in one of the rooms with a sink. She is tall and thin and ugly. There is also another man in this room, and he is staring at the ugly woman. He cannot understand why it was that he had built so many rooms with sinks. You see, this man was an architect-builder. He had been responsible for the construction of the majority of the rooms beneath the attic. Now though, years after having built so many of these rooms, he couldn’t fathom why it was he had thought it necessary to build so many rooms with sinks. He thought about this as he stared at the tall, ugly woman.

None of the rooms with beds are occupied at the moment, but in a few hours the majority of them will be. Lara, for instance, will be in one, and so will the bald man. The architect-builder will not be in a bed, for he does not sleep, but the tall, thin, ugly woman will be occupying one. Other people will be in certain of the other rooms, and the attic will be empty.

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