Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The tall woman and I take a drive

At first I simply follow the women. Then I am running after them. A man in a red suit stops me. His arm is larger than my whole body. I see one of the women down the hall. She turns to me and nods. I understand her to mean that I am to meet her outside, later.

I run to a car. I hadn’t known that I had a car. I drive it. Sitting next to me is a tall woman. She does not like the way that I drive. I decide to park the car. There are no places to park. I get out and begin folding the car. Resentful as always, the car begins to howl at me. Then the tall woman comes out of the car and begins howling at me too. I set the car down and just leave it there.

Walking down a very busy street the tall woman tells me all sorts of things. She tells me about how different I used to be and about how that other woman would not be waiting for me outside. I forget what happens after this, but I remember thinking that you’d be interested. So I’ve told you.

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