Saturday, June 21, 2008


Conquest, an amiable old warhorse, waddles horse-like down the road. We ascribe to it different emotions: contentment, pride, resignation, &c &c. But, you ask,what is an old, amiable warhorse to do? Waddle, mostly, but other things as well.

Back in its younger, less amiable days, Conquest carried many a mighty man into battle. There was Malfeasance Jab, a general, who purportedly slaughtered over a thousand enemies atop good old trusty Conquest. Then there was Odious Pluck, a hunchback reputed to have slaughtered more natives than all the others combined, no small percentage of which were slain atop our revered horse.

Now though, in its aged, stooped state, Conquest no longer carries our greatest men to their greatest triumphs. Instead he waddles amiably down different paths, neighing as he passes other horses, and respectfully kneeling when those horses happen to be carrying the great men of this our present age. He is old now and waddling, and while age may have deteriorated him physically, he is certainly more amiable than ever. For this, perhaps, we’re grateful.

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