Monday, June 2, 2008

A Love Affair

She is tall, certainly.

This was what he often thought of when trying to remember her. She is tall, yes, I’m certain that she is tall.

He had met her several times but never sober. When they met they drank together and then sometimes would kiss each other too. He always remembered having met her but hardly anything else. She is tall, yes, certainly she is tall.

One unfortunate afternoon he met her when they were both sober. She wore a green dress and had yellow, dotted skin. She was smoking a cigarette as he approached her, and when she smiled his belly cinched. My god, he thought, my god.

Hey she said through a sheet of smoke.


He did not like looking at her so suggested that they take a walk. As they walked he pointed at things and told her funny stories. She hardly laughed at all.

Finally she suggested that they go get a drink. I’m thirsty, she had said, and smiled as if she had made a joke.

Oh, he said, yeah.

They went to a bar and sat down. After several drinks neither of them could think of anything else to say. They kissed for awhile, and he thought about how nice it was to just sit drinking and kissing.

They left the bar but not together. He thought to himself on his walk home what a lovely girl she was. And tall, he thought, she is most certainly tall.

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