Sunday, June 8, 2008

Round Roundly says

that for him to take me seriously I will have to grow three inches. This is unfair, I whimper, simply unfair.

His face is stern. He is a cold man. I know, he says. I know that it’s unfair.

Then why? my eyes ask, but he does not respond.

As Round Roundly walks away from me and out of my life forever I can’t help but weep. What fun we always had, I think. What a charming young man he was, I think. He was always so well groomed, I think.

I think all these things as I watch Round Roundly walk away from me for the last time. These thoughts are important to me for a moment, as Round Roundly was. I become philosophic. I clinch my jaw. Damn you Round Roundly, I hiss silently, damn you.

Now I’m at home and I just thought you should know. Round Roundly has left me and may he be damned for it. Grow three inches! As if such a thing was even possible.

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