Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Day at Court

A day at court begins with tea. Seven cups spread out against a massive marble top. Each member of the court raises their cup to their lips and sips delicately. A collective slurp is born.

Throughout the day various acts entertain the court. A man in motley will juggle pineapples; a woman draped in gossamer will tumble over herself seductively; a napkin will become a bird will become a key will become a napkin once again. All this occupies a good deal of time.

For dinner capers are served floating in bowls of water. Delicious! one courtier remarks. Oh yes delightful, simply delightful remarks another. When they are done they pour the bowls of water over their heads and let out a collective sigh of relief.

Before going off to bed all the courtiers kiss the hand of their doyenne. My lady they all whisper to her outstretched, hirsute hand. Their lips all smack against her fury fist and then recede, like their producers, into the night.

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