Thursday, June 5, 2008


There is a tree, of course. There are also other things: houses, a boat, a woman, her bonnet. Then there is the river.

The woman admires something that is not shown.

Through the tree’s leaves a couple can be seen boating. The man holds the oars. For a while they discuss various things, but then the conversation ceases.

The woman is alone on shore. She hasn’t spoken with anyone in a very long time. How nice it would be, she thinks, to go boating with a man. A wan smile creases her face.

Throughout the day other things are admired by both the couple and the woman. As the sun begins to set the woman gets up and walks to her empty boat. Once inside she picks up the oars and begins paddling her way home. The water grimaces with each one of her hard, rapid strokes.

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