Thursday, June 26, 2008

Minuet II

It is a sturdy piece of machinery, this fan. There is a place for a light bulb in the center, long flat wooden panels for arms, and some sort of apparatus to connect it to the ceiling jutting out from its back. It is called a Minuet II, and it sits in a box in my room.

When people visit me I tell them Please do sit down. They look about for a while and, not seeing any chair, ask Where? I nod in the direction of my Minuet II box and they say Oh, OK.

When people visit me I usually try to keep up some sort of conversation. What have they been doing? I ask. Did they enjoy doing that? What might they be doing in the future? &c &c.

As they leave I am always overcome by a sense of satisfaction, for I take great comfort in knowing that someone has been doing something, that they did or did not enjoy having done that something, and that they will in the future probably do something else.

I then go over to the box holding my Minuet II and admire the impression that they never fail to leave upon the box’s top. Some impressions are larger than others, but that is certainly not to say more interesting. In fact I often think that the smallest impressions are the most interesting of all.

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