Monday, June 23, 2008

Neglecting Madame K

Humble Madame K. was put upon. Men howled for her, women howled at her, children continued to be emitted by her. In short, she led a most onerous existence.

One day as she waddled unsympathetically down the street, one of her children ran up behind her and threw itself upon her leg. Mommy, mommy, Sire Rake’s come again and he’s beating up on little Marsh.

Madame K. glared coldly down at this impudent little beast. Little whore Marsh deserves whatever Rake can muster and more. Then, in a swift, violent motion, Madame K. kicked her leg free of the small child.

She continued down the street and for a time went unmolested. What is this? she thought. Where have all my tormentors gone? Madame K was stunned by their neglect, hurt almost. Where in the hell have they all gone? she thought. What is this? She continued down the street.

Her puzzlement turned to bitterness, which in turn turned to loneliness. Her waddle became even less sympathetic. Where have they all gone? she thought. What have I done to drive them all away?

Then a boy emerged from amidst a heap of refuse. Mother, the boy began, but before he could go on Madame K was beating him savagely. Damn you you impudent little beast! she screamed, where the hell have you been?

Madame K is no longer alone.

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